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What is the Annual Fund?
Each year, Christ Church School constituents (parents, faculty, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents and friends) are asked to make an annual gift of any size to help cover the total cost of your child’s CCS education.
How is the Annual Fund money used?
The Annual Fund creates opportunities for our students that are beyond what tuition alone could fund. Annual Fund dollars are used for classroom and instructional enhancements, increasing teacher salaries, facility repairs and campus improvements. Every year as our needs continue to grow we rely on the generous support of our CCS families and friends to meet these needs.
Why do you ask me to give when I already pay tuition?
Tuition does not cover all the costs involved in educating your child(ren). The annual budget depends on contributions from parents and friends for whom excellence in education is a personal priority. Supplementing tuition through charitable gifts allows the school to keep tuition at a competitive rate while providing many important programs and improvements that are essential to our school. Plus, all contributions are tax-deductible.
Why don’t you just charge more tuition?
In keeping with our mission, we want Christ Church School to be affordable to every qualified student and so we try to keep tuition reasonable. Also, in after tax dollars, tuition plus giving is less expensive than increasing tuition.  
How much should I give?
Only you can determine the amount of your gift.  We encourage every family to make Christ Church School a philanthropic priority. By our example, we teach our students – our future leaders – the value of giving generously to help others.
Do I have to send a check right away?
No, you can pledge your gift now and indicate a payment schedule that is most convenient for you. We will be happy to send you a reminder when your pledge is due. All pledges must be paid in full by the end of CCS’s fiscal year on July 31. Gifts may be paid by cash, check or stock transfer.
I spend money at the Dinner Auction, do I still need to donate to the Annual Fund?
Yes, the Annual Fund is part of the budget and funds things like: teacher salaries and continuing education, facility repairs and improvements, classroom supplies, textbooks, field trips, school events, computer software and equipment, capital improvements and much more. The Dinner Auction is not part of the budget but is very important to the school. The revenue from the Dinner Auction is used by the PTO to purchase extras for the school that are not a part of the budget.
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