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4845 NE 25th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308 | 954.771.7700

Innovation Lab (iLab)

The iLab

The iLab is utilized for Computer Science courses and classroom projects. It is a large flexible space, equipped with a variety of current technologies such as 3-D printers, robots, device carts, broadcasting, Livestream, etc. Students in grades PK-2 through Fifth Grade use the space throughout the year to work on classroom projects in coordination with their classroom teacher and the iLab facilitator. For example, Kindergarten students use visual coding robots to reinforce letter and number formation. Third Grade students 3-D print outlines of countries for country research projects. Fourth Grade students use LEGO Mindstorms Robotics challenges to enhance science content being explored in their classrooms.


Computer Science Courses

Computer Science courses are taught by the Computer Science instructor for PK-4 through Fifth Grade. Students visit the iLab weekly for 30 minutes to work on concepts such as digital citizenship, typing skills, computer coding, and digital presentations. It is our belief that giving students exposure to design thinking and current tools allow them to develop potential for future endeavors.

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