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CCS Robotics

Congratulations to the the CCS Lightning Bots on their second successful year!

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The 2018-2019 robotics team of ten 4th and 5th grade students competed at two tournaments this year. The division (FIRST) is comprised of 4th - 8th grade students. There are four main components to the competition. This year’s theme was "Into Orbit."

Robot Game: Students build and engineer a robot to complete space-themed missions.

Robot Design: In front of a panel of judges, students describe and demonstrate why they built the robot the way they did, special features in their design, and the strategies they used for the programming.

Core Values: Students have an expectation to uphold FIRST core values such as teamwork, gracious professionalism, inclusion, and innovation as they participate in the team. They are given a team building challenge on the spot and judges observe how they interact with each other.

Project: Students were tasked with solving a problem involving deep space travel, and to find an innovative solution to that problem. The team focused on the issue of maintaining mental health and avoiding depression in space. They developed a virtual reality experience involving nature scenes. They shared their experience with professionals and received positive feedback regarding their innovative idea.

“This enriching and authentic experience of researching to solve real-world problems with innovative solutions in a team-centered environment is one of the closest experiences to expectations in many workplaces. Add in the value of robot design and programming and it’s really a winning formula for participants.”

- Alan Metzger – CCS Lightning Bots Coach


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