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Our Dress Code

All Christ Church School students are required to wear a uniform. Uniforms must be purchased at Debbie’s School Uniforms, 5225 West Broward Boulevard, Plantation. Uniforms can be purchased online at or through Debbie's phone mail order service, at 954.581.1761. Please be sure to label all clothing with the student’s name so that lost and found items can be easily identified and returned to the owner. Please refer to the Christ Church School 2018-2019 Uniform Requirements Sheet for specific dress code information. No exceptions will be made for items purchased elsewhere.
PK2 – Fifth Grade
Students are required to be in full uniform except during physical education class. The uniforms must be in good condition with shirts tucked in. Students entering the classroom improperly dressed will receive a warning notice to be signed by the parent and returned to the classroom teacher. If a second violation of the dress code occurs, the student will be sent to the school office and remain there until arrangements can be made for the necessary item to be brought from home.
Students must be well groomed with their hair styled neatly and appropriately keeping in mind that various fad cuts and styles are not acceptable. Hair length for boys must be above the collar. Hair must be away from the face for all students. Unless otherwise pulled back, bang length must be above the eyes. Students must not wear scarves, hats or bandanas as they are not part of the school uniform.  Discretion must be used in wearing fad accessories. It is strongly recommended that students not wear valuable jewelry to school. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
Outdoor Activity Dress Code
Students are permitted to wear sunglasses and school-appropriate hats when on the playground and for physical education classes held outside. All hats should be labeled with the student’s name. Students may not wear each other’s hats.
Winter Wear Outside the Classroom
When the temperature is to remain sixty degrees or below, students may wear coats or raincoats of their choice to and from school and outside the classrooms. Please refer to the Uniform Requirements chart above for information concerning winter wear inside the classroom. Only the items listed on the chart may be worn in the classroom, and they must be purchased at Debbie’s School Uniforms or through PTO.
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