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The music program complies with the philosophy of Christ Church School in developing the whole child. All students, prekindergarten two through fifth grade, attend weekly scheduled classes instructed by a full time music teacher. The curriculum includes sacred, secular, multi-cultural musical selections and activities and Bible based information which creates an environment and provides learning experiences that are designed to enhance the students’ spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. The study of music has been shown to specifically enhance academic performance, creativity, critical thinking ability, and self-esteem as well as language, cognitive, and social skills. The musical experiences provided at all grade levels are vital to a student’s development, allowing a student to experience joy and satisfaction along with a sense of accomplishment. This gives students a means of expressing their feelings.

The preprimary music program (PK2 through K) includes experiences in singing, playing rhythm instruments, listening to music, creative movement, and performing (PK3 through K). It promotes enjoyment, understanding, and appreciation of music in its various forms.

The elementary music program includes all of the above but is more performance-based than the preprimary program. Students are taught vocal techniques, choreographic movements, and performance skills/etiquette. The curriculum areas include music theory, music history, composition, listening comprehension, and folk/ethnic dances as appropriate to grade level. Students learn about musical concepts through discussion, demonstration, hands-on activities, performance, and via technological programs/devices. A wide variety of educational materials such as compact discs, audiotapes, videos, DVDs, instruments, musical scores/scripts, song books, visual aids, games, and worksheets are available for instruction at all grade levels.

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