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Art/Digital Design

In PK4 through Kindergarten most art projects are geared towards refining fine motor skills. Students are introduced to various art disciplines and mediums through traditional media and technology-based activities. Students extensively use clay, cutting tools, and large drawing instruments early on in their artistic development. As PK4 and Kindergarten students show mastery of fine motor skills, new creative instruments (fine brushes and sculpting tools) are introduced. These young learners are also introduced to art history and historical pieces of art (ranging from the pre-Renaissance Era to modern contemporary art) through books, puppets, and other interactive media.

First and second grades students’ base of art history knowledge is reinforced and expanded upon through books, informative videos, and interactive SMART Board activities. Students learn the principles and elements of art and design in first and second grade. Lower elementary students learn how to incorporate mixed media in various forms of art including digital art created on the computer. The art program encourages exploration of core values in artwork to give artwork personal significance.

Third, fourth, and fifth grade students utilize their base of art history knowledge, coupled with current events and creative trends, as inspiration to create their own original artworks. Upper elementary students master the incorporation of mixed media through various original painting projects. Students are further immersed in digital art technology and learn how to create visually with tablet drawing and painting apps. Third, fourth, and fifth grade students also apply the principles and elements of art design in major projects that promote artistic problem solving, such as puppet making and scenery creation, while collaborating to achieve artistic goals as a whole through digital filmmaking.

Christ Church School has expanded the instructional scope for students over the past five years by implementing the use of technology as part of daily instruction. In addition to learning and creating with traditional media, students now learn how to use new digital tools that further expand their creativity.

The Art Program’s technological piece allows Christ Church School to serve the whole child by offering different access points to the core curriculum. (For example, students struggling with drawing and painting may be able to excel at digital photography and filmmaking.) This component has empowered students to craft meaningful images and messages with all they have to offer as individuals, and, in certain projects, collectively.

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