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Financial Assistance

Christ Church School Financial Assistance Guidelines

Who is eligible for financial assistance:

  • Children in PK4 through 5th Grade.
  • While it is the policy of Christ Church School that the primary responsibility for financing a student’s independent school education rests with his/her family, the school remains committed to providing financial assistance to families of students who are well qualified for admission and who demonstrate financial need.
  • Everyone is welcome to apply as special circumstances will be considered. However, if all children are in full-time school, both parents must be gainfully employed.
How to apply for assistance: 
  • All forms must be completed and returned by April 20, 2020. Assistance is limited and granted based upon need.
Financial Assistance Schedule:
February 1 - April 20, 2020

Families may submit. Click on the Financial Assistance Application link below to download and print forms.

February 1 - April 20, 2020

Submit completed copies of the following from the financial assistance package to the CCS Admissions or Business office. 

  • Financial Assistance Application
  • Copies of all current W-2 forms
  • Copy of last 2 pay stubs
  • Signed copies of your family and/or business last two federal income tax returns (all forms and schedules)
  • All additional business expense and income related tax forms (if applicable)
  • Monthly Family Income and Expense Sheet
  • Family Asset Information 
  • Proof of auto and mortgage expenses
  • A letter of need

Your application must be notarized.  We have three notaries in our school office.  Both parents are required to sign in front of the notary. 

Financial assistance paperwork will not be accepted until all required documents are fully completed.  Please be thorough with all financial information you are providing.  

All information is kept confidential. Recipients of financial assistance are expected to adhere to the same confidentiality requirement or their assistance may be forfeited.

Receive financial award letter.
Return signed documentation to the school, denoting acceptance of award, if applicable. 

Financial Assistance Facts

How are awards determined?

The Financial Assistance Committee uses the methodology consistent in the private school sector as the basis for its determination of what a family might reasonably be expected to contribute toward educational expenses. Information collected includes income, expenses, assets and liabilities, as well as how many children in the family are attending tuition-charging schools. Ultimately the methodology seeks to determine a family’s discretionary income — the income over which a family has choices as to how it is spent. Financial assistance ranges from 10% to a maximum of 50%.


What happens if parents are divorced or separated?

When considering an application for financial assistance the Financial Assistance Committee will consider the assets of both natural parents and stepparents before making an award decision.

When both parents share custody, both must submit financial information. A copy of the divorce decree is required. The Committee considers both household's ability to contribute to tuition, not their willingness. It is the custodial parent’s responsibility to ensure that this procedure is completed by all parties by the April 19 deadline.


Will my child’s financial assistance award change from year-to-year?

Awards are made on a year-to-year basis. Families must reapply annually if they wish to be considered for an award each year. Assistance is reviewed annually based on changing circumstances for both the parents and the school.


Individual Student Assessment

All requirements established by the School Board for admission to Christ Church School must be fulfilled.


Nondiscriminatory Policy

Christ Church School has an “Open Admission Policy” without discrimination as to race, religion, ethnic origin, sex and similar factors.  Though ours is a church school, it is open to all qualified applicants regardless of church affiliation whose parents wish them to participate in the program.


Termination of Financial Assistance

The School Board, at its sole discretion, may suspend or terminate financial assistance upon written notification to the recipients, including, but not limited to, if:

  • False information has been submitted on financial statements, applications or in letter of need.
  • The recipient is not abiding by the agreement by not paying balances owed.
  • The student is not maintaining academic and behavioral standards of CCS.


How can I learn more about the Financial Assistance application process?

Please contact the Admissions or Business Office at 954.771.7700.


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