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Lower Elementary

The Lower Elementary consists of our first and second grades. These grades build on the solid foundation laid in our Preprimary program – two year olds through Kindergarten. Students enter first grade with growing academic skills and a solid understanding of school behavior and expectations.
The goal of the Elementary program begins to help children become an independent, inquisitive and confident learner and individual. Christ Church School provides a strong academic program that encourages children to strengthen and broaden their critical and creative thinking as well as transfer and apply knowledge. Our commitment is to provide children with the foundation to become life- long learners in order to prepare them for an ever changing world and work place.
Students in the lower elementary grades continue to sharpen their skills in the five components of reading – phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. They further develop their verbal and written communication, spelling, grammar, handwriting, and math concepts and skills. The study of science and social studies is enhanced while enrichment class times are expanded. Daily independent work begins the process of becoming more independent with greater expectations based on each student’s cognitive and developmental growth. Vital to this is an understanding of each child, their learning style and ability.
Students are assisted in to becoming personally responsible with the introduction of elementary “Reminder Binders” to keep track of assignments, tests and quizzes, spelling words and daily activities. Class management systems become more individually directed to foster accountability and personal responsibility.
With this maturity field trips are begun as a complement to the curriculum. Destinations are chosen for their integration into the study of literature, science and social studies as well as community service and outreach. First graders visit Butterfly World and experience a play. In second grade the students travel to Flamingo Gardens, as well as visit a child development center to read to preschoolers.
All grade levels lead chapel once a year and first grade bases their presentation on a “Veggie Tales” story whose message is biblically based. Central to the spring semester in second grade is a Bible character research project complete with a chapel presentation and followed by oral reports given in character using PowerPoint.
Lower elementary is a time of amazing growth and maturity and our students are challenged to rise to their individual highest potential in all areas of the curriculum. We strive to help children discover their areas of strengths, work on their weakness while exploring and developing their interests and God given gifts and abilities.
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