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Elementary Curriculum

Christ Church School is founded on a Christian attitude and atmosphere that encourages and nurtures the intellectual, physical, social, cultural and spiritual development of each child according to their individual needs. First through fifth grade students benefit from comprehensive classroom instruction designed to challenge and prepare them for future studies by way of an effective core curriculum that provides a balance of structured lessons and creative activities.
In offering Christ Church School students "a foundation for life" we steadfastly provide what former Secretary of Education William J. Bennett says is the ideal elementary school curriculum. "The essential particulars of a solid elementary school education" include the seven basic subjects: English, mathematics, social studies, science, foreign language, physical and health education and the fine arts.
CCS encourages students with visual, auditory and kinesthetic reading readiness activities to prepare them for reading, development of critical thinking and reasoning skills through activities that teach the love of reading and reinforce following directions, expanding vocabulary and improving comprehension.
CCS provides students with a high level of instruction in the areas of listening, handwriting, speaking, and writing by allowing opportunities for self-expression, learning basic language mechanics of grammar and how to apply this effectively in written material.
CCS ensures the students have basic spelling skills in expressing thoughts through the written form helping them prepare for future school and work experience.
CCS provides opportunities to develop a sound understanding of mathematical concepts in critical thinking and problem solving in a sequential manner.
Social Studies
CCS strives to have students understand the events of the past, be conscious of the present events and cultivate an interest in future events. 
CCS helps students develop a sense of citizenship, community, and the importance of working together.
CCS focuses on opportunities in science for students to perform hands-on experiments as well as textbook study using the AIMS, “Activities Integrating Math and Science”, program to increase critical thinking skills.
CCS ensures that students receive balanced instruction in the basic concepts of Earth science, Life science, and Physical science.
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